Cucciolata P

Nati il 4 Settembre 2021

3 Maschi e 1 Femmina

Sharkzanzibar Dev

(ISDS 00/316243 Den x ISDS 00/311904 Dot)


DOB: 11/12/2014

• HD: A – ED: 0;0
• CEA/CH (Collie Eye Anomaly): DNA Normal
• NCL5 (Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis 5): DNA Normal
• TNS (Trapped Neutrophil Syndrome): DNA Normal
• MDR1 (Multi-Drug Resistence): DNA Normal (+/+)
• IGS (Imerslund–Gräsbeck Syndrome) DNA Normal
• DM (Degenerative Myelopathy): DNA Normal
• RS (Dental Hypomineralization): DNA Normal
• EAOD (Early Adult Onset Deafness): DNA Normal
• GG (Goniodysgenesis/Glaucoma): DNA Normal
• SN (Sensory Neuropathy): DNA Normal
• MC (Myotonia Congenita): DNA Normal
• Cystinuria Type II-A: DNA Normal

Black and White – Smooth
Sheepdog Classe OPEN
HWT: 94/100 Eccellente
Riproduttore Selezionato
Expo: Molto Buono

Guns N’ Roses to Shark Zanzibar

(Bordercollieranch Lad x Irmagility Floss)


DOB: 30/04/2014

HD: B – ED: 0;0
CEA/CH Normal
CL: Normal
TNS: Carrier
MDR1: wt/wt
Black & White – Rough
ISDS: IT/333536

Sheepdog Classe NOVICE
HWT: 96/100 Eccellente
Expo: Eccellente

Peter Pan



Paradise Kiss